Our Services

We Spend Lot of Time Interacting With Community

Dental Treatment Services

We specialize in all basic and modern dental procedures like Dental Check-up, Dental X-rays, Root Canal Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment (Braces), Teeth Scaling and Polishing, Dental Implants, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening and Bleaching, Dentures, and Overdentures

Community Outreach Program

ITIDIRKHA® Dental Hospital (a unit owned by ITIDIRKHA® Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.) is focused on practicing Preventive and Community Dentistry. To promote community wide good oral health, as a social service initiative we regularly conduct Oral Health Screening Camps that are either self-funded or sponsored by private firms or in collaboration with Govt. Department of National Urban Health Mission, in Bhilai-3 – Charoda sub-urban area and the surrounding villages.

School Oral Health Program

At ITIDIRKHA® we believe schools play an important role in shaping the health, education and well-being of our children. We also believe that schools provide an ideal setting for oral health screening as children are diagnosed in a familiar environment unlike clinical setup which may appear scary to most children.

In 2018 we launched our SCHOOL ORAL HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAM and conducted a pilot exercise by hosting Oral Health Screening Camps in selected nursery schools in Bhilai-3. Both the teaching staff and participating parents realized the importance of Oral Screening and learned how dental decay in baby teeth can negatively impact permanent teeth and how early detection can help intercept disease at a early stage thus avoiding future complications.

Since more schools have expressed interest in conducting oral screening at their school premises we have decided to conduct this program yearly on a larger scale

Third Party Product Demo / Survey / Marketing

Our connectivity with community offers an excellent opportunity to co-advertize your products.Our campaigns offer pull/push type promotion platform for your products, such as pulling masses, volunteers, patients and spectators to the campaign and pushing your relevant new products to the volunteers, patients and spectators whilst managing the most optimal trade-off between at least one of selective recommendation, strict adherence to, or abidance by,standard code of professional medical ethics and applicable medico-legal issues.